Worst Shark Attacks Ever Recorded

There have been many horrific shark attacks around the world. Some of the seriously injured victims survived, but many others were not so lucky. Here are the most notorious shark attacks in history.

1. Rodney Fox – 462 stitches after encountering a shark

Rodney Fox displays his injuries after the 1963 attack.

One survivor of one of the world’s deadliest shark attacks was Rodney Fox, then 23 years old.
The tragedy occurred while Fox was participating in the 1963 South Australian Fishing Championships at Aldinga Beach. Fox was attacked by a great white shark. His entire abdomen was completely ripped and torn, all left ribs broken. Rodney’s spleen and lungs were also damaged from being ripped off by the shark. Rodney almost died from excessive blood loss. However, he survived after requiring 462 stitches. To this day, a shark tooth is still attached to Fox’s wrist.
Notably, Rodney – 81 years old this year – has finally become an expert on great white sharks. He even designed and built the first underwater observation cage to dive with sharks.

2. Shirley Ann Durdin – The woman was attacked by a shark right in front of her husband and children

Shirley Ann Durdin

In 1985, Shirley Ann Durdin was diving for shellfish in Australia’s Peake Bay when she was attacked by a great white shark about 20 feet long. The aggressive fish tore the 33-year-old n in half in the first attack as her husband and four children watched in horror from the shore. By the time rescuers arrived, all that was left was her headless body floating in the water. Within moments, the shark had returned and devoured it.

3. The groom was k.illed by a shark on his honeymoon

Man attacked by shark

In August 2011, newlyweds Ian Redmond and Gemma Houghton went to the Seychelles for their honeymoon and decided to go scuba diving. They were assured there were no sharks in the area, but as Ian was swimming in the shallows off Anse Lazio beach, he was attacked by a shark.
He was quickly brought ashore, but eventually died from excessive blood loss. Before that, a 36-year-old French tourist was also killed by a shark just two weeks before the tragedy.

4. Tragic death of a “child” surf champion

Animal attack: Police stand over the boy’s body

Elio Canestri – 13-year-old “child” surfing champion had a tragic accident in 2015.
The boy was attacked by a 2.4m-long bull shark while surfing with seven other people off the island of Réunion near Madagascar. . The bull shark bit Elio in the stomach and threw him into the water.
When the shark pulled the boy away, the rescue team rescued the boy. However, the victim died from severe injuries to his legs, arms and abdomen.
Hearing the news, thousands of people came to see the boy off on Les Aigrettes beach to send their condolences.
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