Easy Way To Grow Tomato Plant In Plastic Hanging Bottles

How to grow upside down tomatoes

Growing tomatoes upside down not only saves garden space, it also reduces insect problems and increases yields. It’s also a great way to utilize the upper space in a greenhouse or garden. This technique has other advantages in that there is no need to use cages or other means to support the vines. Hanging tomato plants have a much lower incidence of pest infestation than their traditionally grown counterparts.

Growing tomatoes in an inverted container

Fill up the pot almost all the way to the top with your potting soil, leaving a few inches of room, and place your tomato slices directly on the soil, in a circular pattern. Cover the tomato slices with a light layer of soil—you don’t want them buried too deep in there. Move the pot to a spot that gets a mix of sun and shade, and water the pot daily so that the soil stays moist (but not drenched).
Those lil’ tomato seeds will start to germinate in one to two weeks. By day 15 or so, you should have dozens of thriving baby seedlings.
You’ll want to pick out a few of the strongest-looking seedlings of the bunch and transfer them to a larger pot so they can grow into full-fledged tomato plants.After one month:

Materials For The Hanging Water Bottle Growing Idea:

– Plastic water bottles (gallon size and some single drinking size)
– A soldering iron
– Potting soil
– Tomatoes
– A knife
– Pots
– Rope (to hang your planters)
In a plastic bottle (at least 3 liters), cut off the bottom and make three “loops” with holes on the inside.
Tomato seedlings no earlier than 25 days old, wrap with denim or cotton at the first true leaves.
At the bottle, open the cap, insert the plant through the neck so that the roots and tissue remain inside, on the back of the neck.
Pour soil on top and sprinkle with water. Hang the bottle by the rope that holds in the holes. Leave in a shaded place for 9 days.
After 9 days, the seedlings look like this. Move her to a permanent place of residence. After 1 month, feed the plant every 15 days with fertilizer.
After 40 days, it will already grow roots and foliage. It is advisable to tie the trunk with a cloth to some kind of support.
After 90 days, the plant will harvest your best tasty tomatoes.
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