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Nets are a method used worldwide to catch birds. They are the preferred trapping method, especially to catch live birds – to use them as decoys or as captive ‘pet’ birds.

Traps Birds Mist Net

Mist nets are rectangular nets comprised of fine threads that are inconspicuous, especially in the dark. They try to set up the nets near features such as stream corridors and trails that tend to funnel bird towards the net. It is particularly useful to set up the nets suspended over water, as bird drink and feed on flying insects over the water, especially in the early evening. Feeding and eating activities may also distract the bird, making them less aware of the nets.

Traps Birds Mist Net

Mist nets are typically made of nylon mesh suspended between two poles, resembling an oversized volleyball net. The grid size of the mesh netting varies according to the size of the species targeted for capture. Net dimensions are approximately 12 m high by 620 m long. To attract the birds to the trap area they use a device that plays music with the sound of birds singing

Device that plays music using birdsong

They do not require manned supervision; they are usually inspected once or twice a day. Mist nets are mainly used to catch songbirds. Once the nets are deployed, they sits quietly away from the netting area, and checks for captured birds in the nets every ten minutes for approximately five hours. When a bird becomes entangled in the net, they gently remove it.

Birds caught in traps

The light weight mist net are used for the humane, live capture and release of both small bird and bat species.
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