Can You Grow A Banana Tree From An Actual Banana?

Have you ever wondered why bananas do not have seeds?
– You cannot grow a banana tree from a commercially cultivated banana fruit, but you can procure the seeds from a supplier to propagate a banana tree.
Growing bananas at home can be extremely rewarding. Not only are banana trees lovely, but the fruit is healthy and delicious. Keep reading, and I’ll explain in detail how to propagate a banana tree from seed.

Banana tree

How to grow a banana tree from a seed?

Growing a banana tree from seed is no easy task. In nature, wild banana seeds germinate only under specific circumstances. You will need to provide ideal conditions and be patient.

1. Soak the Seed for 24-48 Hours

Soaking the banana seed is an important step because wild seeds can only germinate when water reaches the internal embryo. Banana seeds have a durable outer shell, but it is leaky. Soaking the seed allows water to permeate the shell slowly, and the internal sexual organs of the seed absorb water to begin the germination process.

2. Plant Each Seed in Permeable Soil (1-inch deep)

Use a permeable soil to allow drainage. Otherwise, the seed will be prone to rot. We recommend trying potting soil for the best results.

Growing bananas from seeds

3. Maintain Soil Temperature at 60-68°F

In the wild, non-dormant banana seeds can lie for several years, waiting for ideal soil temperatures as a cue that it is time for germination. Use a heating mat or a heat lamp to increase the temperature of the soil for several hours daily. Let the soil cool no less than 60°F.

4. Keep Soil Moist

Keep the soil moist to promote germination. If you are planting in a seed tray or pot, cover it with plastic to maintain a humid environment.

5. Be Patient

It takes between 3-weeks and 6-months for banana seeds to germinate. So, be patient and closely monitor the soil’s moisture level and temperature while you wait.
Even if you provide optimal conditions for germination, your banana seed might be dormant. nly 68-75% of freshly harvested, wild seeds germinated when given the right conditions.

Banana seeds sprout and grow

Best containers for growing a banana tree?

Typically, potted bananas are dwarf varieties that grow between 5-feet and 15-feet tall, depending on the variety. Because the size of the container can inhibit the banana’s growth, you will want to select a container large enough to provide a roughly 3-inch gap between the container’s sides and the centered pseudostem of the plant. As your banana tree grows, transplant it into a larger container.

Containers for growing a banana tree

How big do banana trees get?

Did you know that banana trees are not trees?
– Bananas are tree-like perennial, herbaceous flowering plants. The rhizome of a banana plant produces a robust pseudo-stem made from dense, overlapping leaves that can reach heights between 10-feet and 25-feet tall depending on the variety.
– Banana trees have broad, fanning leaves that can grow up to 9-feet long and 2-feet wide depending on the variety. The leaves are delicate and prone to wind damage, so trees should be planted in a somewhat sheltered location.
– Fruits of bananas grow similarity to berries, protruding from the center of the plant’s heart-shaped flower. Individual fruits are called fingers. A mature banana finger weighs approximately 4-ounces.
– Banana fruits grow in tiers of 10-20 fingers, forming massive clusters called hands. A hand of bananas might contain between 3 and 20 tiers depending on the variety. When harvested, each hand of bananas can weigh up to 100-pounds.

Banana trees grow to produce many fruits

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