People Who Got Struck By Lightning And SURVIVED!

Every day we listen news of lightning struck and casualties due to it. Not everyone is lucky on this planet but certainly, these 5 people are. Sometimes its hard to believe but these people survived after got struck by light.

1. Melvin Roberts

Melvin Roberts

Melvin Roberts of South Carolina claims that he has been hit by lightning 11 times in 12 years. Most number of lightning strike record is currently going to While Roy Sullivan. Melvin even showed many proofs to support his claim like broken watches and wounds on his body. He even had brain damage which backs his story, but Guinness book of records said that these proofs are not enough.

2. Winston Kemp

Lightning created a “lightning flower” that appeared on his back, surprising everyone

Lightning left a beautiful mark on Winston’s hand though it is beautiful it was painful. One afternoon, lightning struck Winston when he was in his neighborhood backyard. One hour after lightning stricken a clear red branch like mark appeared, in the medical term it is called a Lichtenberg figure.

3. Roy Sullivan

Roy Sullivan

Sullivan, park ranger from Virginia currently holds the maximum number of facing a lightning strike. He got hit 7 times from 1942 to 1977. Experience made him famous as a name ‘The human Lightning Rod’. People always create a distance when the sky goes grey. Several lightning strikes did not break his heart but love did. He shot himself to died over unrequited love.
Natural disasters destroy several lives every year but in some case, it blessed people with amazing things and superpower; even few of them called as Superhumans.

4. Austin Melton

Austin Melton

14 year old Austin Melton was hit by lightning when he was at a basketball game at his middle school. When the thunderstorm knocked out the power to the gym, his friends said “that is scary” and he vouched to go out saying “at least what could happen?” He walked outside and had an impact. The next thing he saw was the hospital with burns on his head, chest and ankles and a perforated ear drum due to the concussive effect of electric charge through his body. He adopted the nickname “Sparky” to his bravery credit after the foolish spectacle.

Why are so many people struck by lightning but not dead?

– Lightning directly hitting people is very rare

Lightning directly hitting people is very rare

When hearing about a person being struck by lightning, most people would think that the lightning struck straight down the head and along the person’s body. But that’s not the case. Direct lightning strikes only make up a tiny fraction of lightning strikes.
One case of lightning is lightning that hits the ground and spreads out in all directions. If you’re too close to the point where the lightning strikes, you run the risk of being electrocuted and dying. Another case is known as “edge lightning”. Specifically, the lightning in this case hits an object higher and near the victim such as trees, power poles, buildings… Then, part of the current from the lightning is shot to the edges or the sides of the object and hit the victim.

– Being struck by lightning is not like sticking your hand into an electrical outlet

The baby’s painful hand reached into the power socket

Lightning is not like other types of electric current. In other words, being struck by lightning is different from being electrocuted by reaching into an electrical outlet. Imagine your body like a bucket. When lightning strikes your body it’s like holding a strong jet of water sprayed into a bucket. As a result, only a small amount of water remains in the bucket, most of the water splashing. outside.
The amount of heat generated when lightning passes through the body can cause burns but because the lightning strike time is very fast, only a few microseconds, so it does not cause serious burns.

– CPR is a lifesaver

The biggest danger to someone who is struck by lightning is their heart. In many cases, when lightning passes through the body, the victim’s heart stops beating. So a key part of survival is performing CPR on the victim of lightning

Some basic ways to survive

When you see lightning outside, it’s best to run into the house

– The best way to survive is to minimize the risk of being struck by lightning. The US Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends that everyone follow the 30/30 rule. Specifically: “After you see lightning in the sky, count to 30. If you hear thunder before you count to 30, enter the house immediately because thunder is approaching you. You should just go out. out about 30 minutes after the last thunder.

Do not stay under trees

– Do not stay under trees, especially tall trees in open spaces. Do not lie close to the ground. Minimize contact with the ground because when lightning strikes the ground, the current will flow through the ground in many directions.
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