Animals That Took Revenge On Humans!

We all know animals also have emotions, such as basic feelings for relatives and friends, they also have joy, sadness, and pain just like humans. No matter how cute a dog is, once it is hurt, it will change its usual gentle personality, turning to attack you. But does it generate feelings of hatred? The next time he sees you again, will he remember the bad things you did to him, and then attack you for revenge? Take a look at a few examples below:

1. The man was pecked by a crow for 3 years

Many people often confuse the black thrush and the crow. Although the shape is relatively similar, these two species are actually different from the phylum, the crow belongs to the crow branch, and the song is not sweet. However, they all have one thing in common that is extremely vengeful, not only that, when revenge is taken, the crow is much more terrifying than the black thrush.

The man was pecked by a crow for 3 years

Shiva Kewat – an Indian man, every time he goes out on the street, he will be pecked by a flock of crows until he is full of injuries. Besides, even if Shiva went with others to dodge, the crows would only attack him without touching the people walking them. This went on for three years straight.
This three-year nightmare was actually caused by a small misunderstanding. Three years ago, on the way home, Shiva saw a young crow caught in a net. Before Shiva could save the young crow, he died from exhaustion. A black crow sitting on a nearby tree accidentally saw this scene, misunderstanding that Shiva had killed the crow, so he began this three-year revenge plan.

2. Elephant revenge

Elephant revenge

In India, while passing a tailor shop, the elephant was accidentally stabbed by a tailor, he quickly retracted the trunk. A few months later, the elephant passed by the tailor again, this time secretly filling the hose with water, then went to the front of the tailor’s window, sprayed the tailor with water, and scurried away.
It also happened that a hunter killed a baby elephant, two days later the mother elephant, because she was so heartbroken, led a herd of elephants to attack this hunter’s village.

3. A Tiger Killed A Poacher For Killing Its Mate And Cub

A Tiger Killed A Poacher For Killing Its Mate And Cub

In Seethathodu, Kerala, India, a male tiger went on a rampage after a poacher killed its tigress and cub. The poacher, who was called Baby, was among a party of brewers who illegally brewed alcohol in the forest. They came across the tigress and cub during one of their illegal brewing expeditions.
Baby shot and killed the tigress and cub, and the men skinned her and shared her meat.The brewers returned three days later to meet the angry partner of the tigress. The tiger pounced on Baby and mauled him badly before carrying him into the forest. Baby initially survived the attack, but the injuries soon proved fatal. The tiger did not stop at killing Baby. It continued patrolling the region for over two months, attacking any unfortunate human it came across.
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