Not Only Humans, Animals Can Also Commit Suicide

Do animals commit suicide? This is a question that many people ask. There are cold-blooded species by eating their mates immediately after mating, but there are also cases where they are killed by their own body parts. From a snake eating its own flesh to a sheep killing itself. Why do they act like that? This is a situation where they don’t want! Here we will explain the reasons and make sure all your questions will be resolved.

1. Argali sheep

Their horns can also cause a fatal injury to themselves.

Have you ever heard about Argali sheep? Argali sheep is also known as mountain sheep and is the world’s largest sheep. They can also grow up to 1-metre in height and weigh hundreds of kilograms. However, despite their majestic appearance, this sheep has a tragic fate that they have to live with. Like other species, Argali sheep like to stay in a group of their own species. Argali’s horns is corkscrew-shaped and the male Argali sheep usually use their horns to compete with each other. However, other than being a potential weapon to other sheep, their horns can also cause a fatal injury to themselves. When you take a look closer at their horns, as the sheep get older and the horns get bigger, the horn can possibly pierce their cheeks. At the end, the sheep could die because of their own deadly horns. The horns which initially used as weapon to protect itself became the biggest threat to their own life. What a tragedy!

2. Snake auto cannibalism

The main cause of this action comes from their hunting behavior and reflex action due to “misunderstanding”.

Is one of the animals that are considered cold-blooded killers. With extremely dangerous venom, they can easily attack and kill prey as well as enemies in a split second. There are many people who have encountered the phenomenon, snakes bite and swallow their own tails. Most think they do it to commit suicide. But what is the real cause of that action?
Snakes eating their own tails is a reflex action of “misunderstanding”. They do not want to commit suicide as many people think. To attract prey, some species often wag their tails to “trap the bait”. Due to limited vision, they are more reflective. Therefore, the act of wagging their tail causes them to mistake it for prey and leads to the act of swallowing their tail. The venom they possess now becomes a weapon that makes them kill themselves.
The second reason why snakes chew their tails comes from the hunting behavior of snakes. When hunting, in the place where they slither, the smell of prey inadvertently clings to their tails. Due to limited visibility, they thought it was prey nearby. Reflexively, they quickly chew on the tail that they think is lucrative prey.

3. Female Australian redback spider

Female spiders will eat their mates immediately after mating.

The female Australian redback spider will eat her “mate” during mating. But unlike other species, it is almost impossible for male redback spiders to escape from female spiders. The reason for this is that during mating, the male will ride on the female’s mouth to transmit sperm. At that time, the female redback spider will secrete digestive juices to eat the male. However, the sacrifice of male spiders is not meaningless, eating them will help female spiders have an abundant source of nutrients for embryos to develop.

4. Antler deer whitetail

When fighting, their antlers easily get tangled together so the solution is to cut the antlers a way to help them free

Antler deer whitetail bucks are ruthless when come to fighting with one another fights happen all the time but they seldom last for more than a few seconds. Box antlers can become entwined in such a way thay they couldn’t separate them. On rare instances the antlers of the bucks are hard to separate by hand. According to one expert when the tension in the antlers is relieved the force with which buck’s struggle causes a tine to bend slightly locking the antlers.Locked antlers inevitably mean death for both bucks unless people assist by cutting antlers to release them the white-tailed deer is a medium-sized deer that may be found in North America, central America ecuador and Southerm South America as far as Peru and Bolivia.

5. Sheep wool

When the fleece reaches a certain level, it is necessary to trim it immediately. Otherwise, maggots will eat infected lamb and sheep

During the summer months the unnatural excess of wool leads sheep to die of heat exhaustion. The creases gather urine and moisture fly eggs are laid in the creases of skin by flies attracted to the dampness. And the developed maggots may practically eat sheep alive shearing is required for the health and cleanliness of each individual sheep. As long as there are sheep there needs to be shearers sheep unlike other animals are unable to shed their coat. When a sheep goes too long without being sheared it develops a variety of difficulties. Sheep’s capacity to regulate their body temperatures as hampered by the abundant wall sheep can become overheated and perish as a result of this flies maggots and other unpleasant pests are attracted to urine excrement and other things trapped.
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