Man Has Weird Round Spots On Finger When The Doctors See It They Call The Cops

40-year-old Peter was a single man. He had dated in the past but it had just never gone well. He hoped that this time it would be different. He’d spent a lot of time preparing for the date. He really wanted it to go well and it would be the first time they’d meet in person but not everything would go to plan. The morning after his date, Peter discovered that there was something strange about his thumb. It ached a bit but it wasn’t until he looked closely at it that he saw exactly why his thumb was hurting and it scared the living daylights out of him.

I’m really scared when I look at his thumb

What was happening to him?

Peter’s thought a bit. Maybe some insect had bitten him or even crawled into him? Maybe it had latched onto his thumb in the night? But he’d never seen a bug do anything like this. Peter searched online and came to the conclusion that no bug had done this. It had to be something worse. The more Peter looked at his thumb the more confused he became. These weren’t just tiny holes. There was something inside the holes.
Peter decided that he was going to try and dig out whatever it was in his thumb with tweezers. He went to the bathroom and pulled out his tweezers, but before he could dig into his thumb, he hesitated. Peter didn’t like doctors. He preferred to take care of things by himself. He rarely would go unless something was severely bad and as much as he hated the idea of going to the doctor he knew that this wasn’t something he should take care of by himself. So he took the leap and called the doctor. The doctor’s office set up a semi-emergency appointment for that same afternoon.

Peter is waiting for the doctor in a tense state

Once inside his office, the doctor was able to take a proper look at Peter’s thumb and he was shocked. The doctor ordered tests for Peter and while they waited for the results he studied Peter’s thumb intensely.
Peter decided that he needed some air and went to use the bathroom. While he was gone, the doctor received a private message from the forum. He opened it eagerly hoping that it was the answer he’d been seeking. And to his luck, it was! But it was also terrible, terrible news, and everything would have to change fast.
Peter returned from the bathroom. His thumb was not looking good. The holes were starting to spread to the rest of his hand. Peter heard something happen behind him. The door he’d just come through had been locked from the outside! He had been trapped in here. And to make things even worse, he could hear the doctor telling others that he had called the police.

What was he to do?

Peter begged for an explanation through the door, but no one was talking to him. All the nurses and doctors were frantically talking to each other and nobody was answering his questions. All he was told was that he needed to stay calm until the police arrived.
Nervous and scared, the staff’s reaction to his thumb was really starting to worry him. What was so wrong? Was he going to die? Soon enough those fears were turned into anger. Why was nobody talking to him? With no other idea, Peter began to kick at the door. He was desperate to get out.
After a few kicks, the door lock broke and the door swung wide open. The people on the other side started screaming and Peter’s doctor stood back. Peter’s doctor ordered everyone else to get away and told Peter to stay back. Before his doctor could speak, 3 armed officers came into the building and spotted Peter. One of the officers calmly explained to Peter that they would tell him everything, but he needed to be isolated immediately. Peter agreed to the terms but firmly told them that he wouldn’t hesitate to break open another door to get answers.

Peter was quarantined immediately

 What the heck was going on?

Peter went back into the doctor’s office and the door was closed after him. Peter could see the staff coming in with heavy cleaning materials and they started cleaning everything, the floors, the walls, the door. Finally, the doctor came to the door to tell Peter what was going on. It wasn’t every day that a person with an awful flesh-eating virus came in and he had to follow procedures that he’d never had to do before. He felt awful but there was more. Peter was transported safely to a better hospital where he could be in isolation and get treatment for the virus eating his hand away.
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