People You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

The world around us is quite diverse and full of wonders!!! This sentence will definitely make much more sense after you have a look at these amazing and actually unbelievable people. From a man who can eat almost anything and everything to a self-proclaimed God, these might sound like fictional characters to you at first but believe me they are very much real!

1. Rolf buchholz breaks world records for similar demons

A “devil”

A “devil” with more than 500 body modifications, including an eye watering 278 piercings on his genitals, has revealed what he looked like before his transformation. Rolf Buchholz, 62, holds the Guinness World Record for his 516 changes to his body, including the horns implanted to his forehead and his tongue sliced in two.
Roughly 90 percent of his body is also covered in tattoos, and not even Buchholz’s eyeballs have been spared his extreme transformation. It’s not specified what kind of procedure he had to get, but the whites of his eyes are now completely black.

2. ‘Butterfly boy’ Jonathan Pitre

‘Butterfly boy’

Since the day he was born, Jonathan Pitre suffered from an excruciatingly painful skin condition that left him constantly covered in blisters and scars comparable to third-degree burns. After courageously battling the disease known as epidermolysis bullosa (EB) for 17 years, Pitre died from complications. It’s called one of the worst diseases known to modern medicine for a reason. The disease left him covered in wounds that his mother helped him bandage after bathing him every other day.
Despite the pain he experienced and the struggles of daily life, Pitre was determined to stay positive and raise awareness for EB. Pitre spoke about his condition publicly in interviews and at events, and privately with other children affected by EB.

3. World’s dirtiest man amou haji who didn’t shower for 60 years

Haji smoke a pipe filled with animal excremen

94-year-old Amou Haji, also popularly known as the “dirtiest man in the world” who refrained from washing himself for more than half a century. Haji refrained from taking shower in the fear of “getting sick”. It has also been revealed that some “emotional setbacks in his youth” was the reason that made him that made him stern about not taking a bath with water or soap. Haji would eat roadkill, smoke a pipe filled with animal excrement, and believed that cleanliness would make him ill.

4. Real-life Twilight: Cullen brothers have rare ‘vampire-like’ syndrome

Cullen brothers have rare ‘vampire-like’ syndrome

They have sharp fang-like teeth, try to avoid sunlight and are called Cullen. But this isn’t a Twilight film. It is the every day reality for Simon Cullen, 13, and his brother George, 11. The boys, from Sudbury, Suffolk, suffer from an rare genetic condition known as Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia (HED). It means the boys cannot sweat, and must avoid too much light to stop them overheating. They will never grow a full set of teeth, and the ones they have are sharp fangs.
Simon, who did not grow any teeth at all until he was five, struggles to chew many foods and the only meat he can eat is sausages. They have to be careful in strong daylight, covering their delicate, pale skin in high factor suncream and wearing sun hats and sunglasses.
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