Most Unique Bird Eggs In The World!

Eggs are quite literally a fundamental requirement for life, and every living thing on the planet begins as a bunch of cells that replicate inside these miraculous structures. While we, as humans, emerge from our eggs before being born, most of the development of birds happens outside of the mother, so they are laid within calcium shells to protect them from the threats that come their way. They can be all shapes, sizes, and colors that you could imagine, so if you’re looking to egg-speriment with your breakfast, here are the most unique bird eggs in the world….

1. Ayam Cemani Eggs

Ayam Cemani Eggs

Ayam Cemani Eggs are native to Indonesia and usually completely black species inside and out which means that their eggs can be totally black too. They are a breed of chicken that was created by crossing the greem jungle fowl and red jungle fowl & have such a distinct and loud crow that they’re often used on boats as foghorns. They are a rare breed and thay don’t lay very many eggs usually no more than one a week. They also go through regular layoff periods when they will go for as long as 6 months without laying a single one. Their eggs are much larger than normal chicken egg and can range in color between a creamy pink and much darker black. The reason for this is a genetic mutation called fib Romel enosis which means that they produce much more melanin than other breeds. And it also gives them a creamy texture if that’s particularly sought after by Indonesian cuisine with the rarity of the am Somani eggs. They can be up to 40 or 50 times as expensive as a chicken egg but they are well worth a try.

2. Duck

Duck eggs

Duck eggs are usually about 50% larger than the biggest chicken eggs and can be a rangee of colors depending on the breed thay have come from Cayuga ducks. For examples, lay ash colored or black eggs while brown or even sometimes lights green the sheels are also much thicker than you’d be used to from a chicken egg. So are more difficult to crack but the benefit to this is that it means they have a longer shelf life the big difference compared to chicken eggs is what is inside though and the write is virtually transparent the yolks take up a large portion of the whole egg and are much more flavorsome than those from a chicken. They are also far more nutritious and contain high levels of protein and omega 3 fatty acids and are a prefrred choice of people on a paleo diet who require foods that are higher in fat.

3. Emu eggs

Emu eggs

These amazing looking eggs are laid by emus and in recent years, thay are become increasingly popular as specialty eggs in Australia. Where there are large numbers of the birds, they are about 8 to 10 times larger than a typical chicken egs have a proportion of 45% yolk and 55% white & according to producers just 1 egg is plenty enough to bake a cake or to provide scrambled eggs for 3 or 4 people.
The yolks are extremely creamy so are incredibly delicious and as a result are becoming far more common on restaurant menus in the country as a novelty product while most are produced by farmers who are looking to rearm or amuse for their meat around half of eggs are laid infertile so are sold on to sonsumers add up to 30 times. The pricce of a chicken egg the most noticeable thing at first is of course their deep green coloration and it takes practice and skill to crack them open without fractucing the shell in to the bowl.

4. Ostrich eggs

Ostrich eggs

Ostrich eggs are as you would expect from the largest species on the earth absolutely each one weighs around 4 and a half pounds. And is the equivalent to 24 chicken eggs. This is of course mean that thay take much longer to cook and to boil one will take around 50 minutes. The shell are also incredibly thick to support their size and you will not able to crack it a bowl.
In fact, most people use a domestic drill to get the eggy goodness that is inside apart from the size the egg is otherwise just like a chicken egg and so is packed full of vitamins and useful nutrients don’t eat an entire one yourself though. Because each one contains a whopping 2000 calories which is the entire daily recommendation for most people around 47% of the egg inside is protein and 45% is fat.
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