Tragic De.ath Of Lion When Being Knocked-out By Buffalo

Battle to the death

When lions take on a buffalo, the battle is rarely quick and often brutal. Although it’s usually the buffalo on the receiving end of tooth and claw, make no mistake, these formidable animals are not without their defences.
The battle takes place in South Africa’s wildlife sanctuary, and the cub is learning the hard way why it’s best to stay away from the spikes in front of a male buffalo.

The animal creeping up behind the buffalo, sneakily sniffing its rear end.

Epic battle starts with the animal creeping up behind the buffalo, sneakily sniffing its rear end. After disturbing the creature’s tail with its stalking tactics, the buffalo sprints away before changing direction and sprinting towards the lion.The pair freeze with metres between them before facing each other off in a duel.
As the pair carried on eyeballing each other, suddenly the bull sprinted towards the lion – sending the giant cat fleeing.

The lion appeared to have stopped working

What followed can only be described as an epic battle between two gladiators fighting to the death. The battle took place in the same way you would see two heavyweight boxers fighting for the world title. After three-minute bouts, both titans would stand and stare at each other waiting for the other to make the first move.

I almost feel sorry for him. I suspected the lion was a juvenile.

The never-ending battle of BUFFALO vs LION

It desperately tries to defend itself but, soon, the numbers count and the lion collapses to the ground. The other two creatures start biting his backside and stomach and it appears all is lost.
But then – in an incredible act of defiance – the injured lion gets back up and tries to scare the others away.
A bloodied wound can be seen on its back and it has little energy left to fight but it still manages to defend itself.
Wounded and exhausted after losing the battle, the lion managed to drag himself under a nearby bush to recover. It seemed initially that he would survive the ferocious encounter. But sadly, this was not to be. He was found dead just a short while later, most likely as a result of internal injuries inflicted by the buffalo.

Nothing left to give: The majestic badly-wounded animal died two days after the battle

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