Danger.ous Places Where You Can Get Attacked By Animals!

There are countless tales of when animals go bad and attack humans. Thankfully it’s incredibly rare but remember that these are wild animals and this is nature! So on your next adventure vacation stay safe and look out for these critters.
#1. Hungry queensland crocodile
Croc country (considered to be typical crocodile habitat) begins at the Boyne River south of Gladstone, and extends northward, up the east coast and across Far North Queensland. Crocodiles can sometimes also be found outside of croc country. Just because you can’t see a crocodile, it doesn’t mean there is not one close by. Crocodiles can stay underwater for more than an hour. Even large crocodiles can be completely concealed in knee-deep water.
Some rules to follow:
– Stay at least 5m from the water’s edge—crocodiles often hunt their prey at the water’s edge.
– Dispose of your food and fish scraps in a bin—don’t leave food, fish scraps or bait near the water, around your camp site or at a boat ramp. Crocodiles will be attracted by an easy meal, and this puts subsequent visitors to the area at risk.
– Do not feed crocodiles—it is illegal, dangerous, and teaches crocodiles to associate humans with food.
– Be extra cautious at night, dusk and dawn when crocodiles are most active.
#2. Nunavut bears
Polar Bears – Russia – Cuddly they’re not! And the 19 fatal polar bear attacks over the last hundred years goes to prove it. Canada has also has 7 deaths from polar bear attacks and the USA has had 2. These aggressive beasts can be deterred with lots of noise.
#3. The sundarbans
Bengal Tigers – Bangladesh – the most dangerous place in the world for a tiger attack is in the Sundarbans in Bangladesh. Tiger attacks can be frequent throughout Asia and there are around 150 fatalities every year. Tigers are incredible territorial and if faced with one stand your ground as their instant will be to chase.
#4. The atlantic ocean  
Sleek, muscular bodies of sharks slice through the water—powerful predators of the ocean, striking fear in smaller fish—and sometimes humans. Most reported shark attacks are what experts consider “unprovoked,” meaning a shark apparently comes out of nowhere to bite a person. In 2018, the United States led the world with the highest number of reported shark attacks, according to the ISAF. Within the continental United States, more shark-human incidents occurred in the Atlantic Ocean.
#5. The state of texas 
Everything is bigger in Texas, the steaks, trucks, hairdos, and apparently the number of people every year who are killed by animals. The Lone Star State leads the nation in deadly attacks by animals over the past 20 years, with 520 deaths caused by animals. California is a distant second at 299 deaths. Per Outforia, the rest of the top ten include Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New York. And there have been NO recorded deaths by animals from Delaware, North Dakota, and Rhode Island over the last two decades!
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