LEXION 6900-5300

Built to break records.
Revolutions don’t always happen from one day to the next. Sometimes they need time to mature. In 1995, the LEXION 480 with the APS HYBRID system set an initial record of 40 tonnes of grain per hour. And now the LEXION 6900 with the new APS SYNFLOW WALKER threshing system has taken things to a new level by breaking the original record and doing so with an output even higher than expected.


The new CORIO and CORIO CONSPEED maize pickers are equipped with established technologies as well as unique new features.
The highlights :
17° operating angle to prevent cob losses
Straight (CORIO) and conical snapping rollers (CORIO CONSPEED)
New, robust drive train in all CORIO models
New hood shape for more gentle crop handling
Unique folding system to move hoods into transport position
Feeder chain is easy to change and tension
Replaceable wear parts integrated in hoods
CORIO CONSPEED maize picker as 12, 8 and 6-row unit
CORIO maize picker as 8, 6, 5 and 4-row unit
Row widths of 90, 80, 75 and 70 cm

The perfect combination of CLAAS LEXION 6900 and CORIO CONSPEED 12-75C for optimal rice harvest. In agriculture, there are also many combinations that make people admire and excited.

In the video below, we can see CLAAS LEXION 6900 + CORIO CONSPEED 12-75C

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Video resource: Axiál TV

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