Tables around the trees: 13 great ideas for the garden

Did you look for tables around the trees? Surely you saw someone where you were and you liked the idea… In this short post you will find more ideas for tables around the trees.

Specifically, there are tables arranged around the tree trunks and provide a very good shade.

Sports for inspiration!

# 1 Wooden table for 4 people around a tree

# 2 Wooden table built around a tree

# 3 BAR table arranged around an old tree

# 4 Circular table with circular bench around a tree

# 5 Circular table around a tree with wooden benches attached

# 6 Table made of planks around a tree with wooden chairs

# 7 Coffee table around a tree with wooden benches

# 8 Circular table around a tree

# 9 Circular table around a potted olive tree

# 10 A bar table around two trees

# 11 A family meal around a potted tree

# 12 White wooden table around a young tree

# 13 Coffee table around a tree

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