How Did The Chinese Build The Road On Cliffs? Incredible Mega Projects

The world is full of surprises. There are always some things in the world that are beyond our expectations. In today’s economically developed people’s living standards, it is difficult to imagine how people build roads on cliffs.

Chongqing Token Stone Highway
This road is called the “Token Stone” road, named after the two rock-like shapes on both sides of the road. Looking from a distance, two mountains rise from the ground and stand on the top of the mountains, with their backs from east to west, the outer sides are like flat walls, the bottoms are like giant bricks falling to the ground, and the tops are like an ax facing the sky, with a majestic momentum. The token stone is more than 1,000 meters above sea level, with a wide field of vision and beautiful scenery. The mountains are often accompanied by clouds, mists, and breezes.

Guoliang Village Cliff Road
It was built in 1972 and completed in 1977, all of which were excavated by hand by villagers in Guoliang Village. It is known as one of the “10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World” and one of the “18 Most Strange Roads in the World”.

Nujiang 72 turn
This is the Yela Mountain Highway at an altitude of 4,618 meters on the Sichuan-Tibet line in China. The slope is steep and dangerous. It is the section with the largest altitude difference on the Sichuan-Tibet line. Although this distance is only 12 kilometers, the altitude difference is more than 2,000 meters, and the temperature difference is also more than 20 degrees. It is a test for the driver himself.

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