Most Amazing And Powerful Machines Operating On Another Level

The world’s largest, heaviest grab dredging system. The 200m3 of 370 ton grab has a built-in electric hydraulic system. This dredging unit can offer an enormous grabbing power due to the grab weight and hydraulic cylinder far more than that of cutter suction dredging. New 106m3 grab bucket for hard soil, the world heaviest 477 ton, can dredge not only soft soil, but hard soil as well. Its cutting force is enforced up to 990 ton and the performance with soft rock is highly expected. (Registered as the world record)

Automatic flat bed dredging system is installed in the dredging system for high precision and efficiency. (Patented)

RAUSSENDORF GMBH: The Raussendorf company in Upper Lusatia has been in the metalworking and agricultural machinery manufacturing business for more than 150 years. Re-privatization in 1991 meant continually aligning existing experience potential with current customer needs, combined with maintaining high quality standards. Therefore, our products are of excellent quality with high customer benefits.
The technological requirements are determined by modern CNC machining centers and MAG welding stations. In addition to steel and cast iron, non-ferrous metals, plastics and stainless steel are also processed as materials.
Through close cooperation with companies in the region, we are able to provide additional production areas, such as B. Sheet metal processing, laser cutting, hardening, surface finishing, outer and inner cylinder grinding etc. in different ways and include them in our production options.


In the last ten years COLMAR has become a world-wide reference point in the recycling field. This has been accomplished by offering a range of products able to satisfy the requests of varying markets, by expanding internationally with satellite companies in the United States, Great Britain and Russia, and by constructing a detailed commercial web that avails itself with direct agents and distributors globally. Our company philosophy is strongly based on the premise of consistently creating a collaborating relationship with our customers. In this type of association, each observation or suggestion can grow into improvements which benefit both parties.
COLMAR production ranges from Industrial Wheeled Scrap Processors, Tracked Scrap Processors, Fixed Scrap Processors, Balers, Shear Balers, Horizontal Shears, Hydraulic Shears, Shredders, and Railroad Loaders.


For four generations we have been developing and manufacturing machines and attachments for professional use in agriculture, forestry, gardening, landscaping and municipal management. We want to make your work easier with our work. We are committed to this with all our might. With our current range of equipment, we present you with optimally matched machines and attachments that we have developed with technical perfection and attention to detail into what you expect from us: powerful, indestructible helpers that offer you maximum comfort and maximum safety. Except for the motors, every part comes from our own development and production. We know your tough requirements and gear our products accordingly. That’s why you’ll find the perfect equipment for every application in our range, from compact all-rounders to robust powerhouses.


Saltvik AS carries out both small and large assignments for individuals and companies. We perform all the work with steel and metals, and in addition we do some joinery / woodwork.


Nye Manufacturing Ltd. is a family owned metal fabricating business with a primary focus on custom attachments. Founded in 1952 by Jack Nye, our company offers expertise developed through more than 67 years of building, modifying, and repairing heavy equipment of all types.


Cutting-edge technology, maximum efficiency, tested quality: since 1957 Veneroni Srl is the reference point in the sector of pumps for lifting water for irrigation, reclamation, aquaculture and sewage treatment. In constant expansion and evolution, Veneroni Srl, thanks to the experience and know-how of its specialized staff, is able to support the customer throughout the process of designing and manufacturing the pumps, with passion and competence.


More than 50 years of history to tell to start writing the future. A complete production cycle Made in Italy. Effer manufactures each crane entirely in 4 factories in Italy (three in Bologna and one in Taranto): from design to production, from structural steel fabrication (laser cutting, welding…), to painting , to final assembly and inspection.
Free to choose. The Effer product line ranges from cranes with lifting capacities from 2 to 300 tons xm to more than 40 models in production. There are also projects for special cranes such as the 2655, 2755 and 3000, which are also built to operate on rails. Effer can accommodate any custom need. Between land and sea. Effer Marine Cranes are designed to last even in the toughest conditions typical of marine environments, with 20 models from 4 to 275 txm and over 8 different configurations. Effer also offers a wide range of applications and accessories.

We gave a brief introduction to the factories that make crazy machines and then appeared in the video. Factories with modern machinery have created greatness in the machinery industry. In the video below, we can see Most Amazing And Powerful Machines Operating On Another Level. Thank you for visiting our website! We hope you found something that sparked interest on our website.

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