Building My Dream Tiny Home For Under $8000

This is the story of David Rule and how he’s building his dream tiny house for less than $8,000.

He started by buying a used car hauler trailer along with whatever tools he needed and he just started getting to work and learning as he went.

He started with this 16-ft. by 7-ft. used trailer that he bought. It had a little bit of rust, but he said he saw potential in it. So he stripped all of the unnecessary parts from the trailer and started getting right to work. So he added a subfloor, sealed it, and filled it with insulation.

Once the subfloor was properly built, he started framing the walls. Then it was time to frame the roof. He used plumber’s tape to further enforce the framing. He also used other brackets in various corners to further secure the build. Including these corner brackets for the framing. This is a must in a tiny house! He used thinner plywood to sheath the exterior. And thicker plywood for the roofing.

There are lots of details to take care of. One of them being to wrap the house to completely seal it. Seal flashing is used for the windows and doors. That way there’s no leaking.

Finally, flashing before the door install.
Finishing the exterior with wood and metal siding. Applying a stain to the wood.

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Video resource: David Rule

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