6 Most Satisfying Modern Forestry Machines and Technology Tools That Are At Another Level

Fliegl Woodking Classic

Very slim cutting head for a clear forward view. Comprising a hydr. folding counterweight, hydr. tilting device and electric control block. Technical details:
Working speed: Up to about 8 km/h
Neat cut for both thick and thin branches
Side boom folds out by 1200 mm, enabling you to drive along the edge of the road – and cut within the range of the boom
Also available for attachment on the left – ideally suited for telescopic loader

Komatsu 911

The Komatsu 911 is an all-round harvester with unique advantages when it comes to productivity and an ergonomical work environment. With its fuel efficient engine, cabin with optimal sight, and power optimised transmission the Komatsu 911 harvester delivers great result.
Superior visibility
Always perfect visibility. Thanks to the crane’s placement to the side of the cab, you always have optimal visibility of the head whether it’s close to or far from the cab. The new front windows means improved visibility, both upwards and downwards.
Powerful and eco-friendly engine

The Komatsu 911 is the first all-round harvester on the market with a Stage 4/Final engine. It fulfils the most stringent requirements on minimised emissions of environmentally hazardous particles and nitrogen oxides. What’s more, the hypermodern engine technology improves fuel economy and considerably reduces noise thanks to its intelligent variable fan control. All without compromising engine power.



The wood chipper is driven by the truck’s VOLVO engine with 750 Hp power. The maximum inlet passage is 1200 x 1000 mm. The cutting system consists of a staggered sections dum (1000 mm diameter) with 5 or 10 knives and it is capable of producing both small-sized wood chips for small boilers for domestic use and “big size” wood chips for large power plants .
The unloading system is equipped with a hydraulically adjustable fan that allows to produce less dust, reduce fuel consumption and optimize the loading of wood chips on the trucks, avoiding spreading of material on the ground.

In the article, we briefly talk about 3 forestry machines out of a total of 6 machines recorded in the video.
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