Clouded Leopards Are In Pain When Being Tortured By Lions In The Fight For Prey

As one of Africa’s most feared hunters, few would have thought that the jaguar could still fall prey to others. The one who can turn leopards into his meal is none other than a lion.

Accordingly, a leopard is lying on the ground next to the river while the male lion is on the opposite bank. The clash of the two species occurs when the leopard falls asleep and the lion gently approaches.

The king of the jungle came softly just below the ground and prepared for his attack. Thought it would be a quick fight to kill, the jaguar woke up in time in a situation of thousands of pounds hanging by a hair.

It dodged the lion’s attack in time and quickly ran away. As the animal with the best speed, the jaguar was able to escape the hunter and the lion, it did not regret when he went down to the river to drink water and left.

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