Primitive Skills Catch Big Python By Hand

Python are fascinating creatures and it may be tempting to try and catch one. Unless you know what you are doing, I would advise you not to. However, if you are a crazy adventurer and this is on your bucket list, I guess it’s my responsibility to be as helpful as possible.
How does one catch a Python? Protect your body by making sure that you wear gloves. Pin the python down or trap it to keep it from moving and then put it in a contain to release in a different area. If you are not fast and accurate, it will most likely bite you.
If you are planning on catching one, there are a few things you need to know to be successful and safe in your endeavor. Included are a few steps and pointers on how to catch python without injuring yourself and others.

Big Python

How to capture pythons

Here is a list of things you might want to have with you if you are catching a python on your own

– Gloves
– Python Bite Kit
– Pillowcase, bucket, or fishnet
– A Shovel…(Just kidding. Please don’t kill any pythons!)

The technique is simple

• Come up from behind the python and pin its head to the ground with the handle of the python hook. If it sees you, it’ll turn around and bite you.
• Grab the python right behind the head.

Approaching python from behind

• Put your hand inside a pillow case or other bag, and use that hand to grab the python’s head from the underside and pull the open end of the bag over as much of the python’s body as you can (It’s like picking up dog poop, with your hand inside the bag).
• When the python’s head is in the bottom of the bag, release it and bunch up the opening of the bag so the python can’t turn around and get out.
• Slap the python firmly on its lower body, which coaxes it to slither the rest of the way into the bag.

Put the python in the bag

Some notes when catching pythons

– The best method for catching a venomous python is to call a professional. If you are doing it for fun or you just don’t have the funds to call a professional, or you just want to show off your protective instincts, be sure to use extreme caution and wait for the python to be a bit more relaxed.
Note: Always wear gloves if you are choosing to catch it by hand.
– Always have a first aid kit/python bite kit around and be near someone with a phone in case of an emergency.
– The pillowcase, bucket, or fishnet is to hold the python. The ideal would be something that is small and dark. Most pythons are more comfortable in small and dark places- that is their natural dwelling of choice.
– If a python feels threatened or is ready to strike they usually form their bodies into an ‘S’ shape. If a python does this, either wait for it to calm down or use your python tongs.
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